royal catchfly, Silene regia, Hamilton Co OH 7/13/15

white camas, Anticlea elegans, Lenawee Co MI 7/16/11

I'm sitting here looking out at a Michigan winter as I begin this.  It's beautiful in its own way.  But my focus is wildflowers.  Be it winter, or a host of other limits, we can't always stop to see the flowers.  I hope I can enable us to have a daily moment of nature's beauty.  Mostly of wildflowers, and occasionally with other images of nature's beauty.

I've had a lifelong interest in photography and nature, focused mostly on plants and flowers.  My digital world dawned on Christmas 2010 with a Canon from my wife.  I suspect she knew I would go into a wildflower daze.  It's one that I'm delighted to share.  By doing so, my hope is to stimulate interest in wildflowers, nature and conservation.  A sharp focus on the natural world is hugely important in these times.

The images will be of plants that occur wild in the United States and the rest of North America north of Mexico.  Each entry will include the range, based mostly on information from the USDA Plants website.  Designations such as E or T in parentheses after the state indicate threatened status.  Other letters are specific to states and should be referenced in their listings.  While the flowers all grow wild, images from gardens will be included.  I'm in Michigan.  The closer a plant's home is to here, the more likely you are to see it.  With the pictures, I will include whens and wheres, and other thoughts.  I do my best to correctly identify each plant, but suggestions in that regard are welcome.  Additional comments often appear on the blog page, with various images from nature.  Finally, a big thank you to my digitally up-to-date daughter, Jennifer Landstrom, for her indispensible help with this. 

Robert W Smith



09.04.2021 17:51

Chuck Pearson

According to this reference both the male and female catkins produce nectar and the male catkins also produce pollen. That is why you see all the bees.

02.04.2021 17:58

Patty Hayes Murdock

We look forward to seeing you on FB live for the Tecumseh District Library April 6th.

20.02.2021 14:07

Chuck Pearson

It looks like the bridge that the deer don't use is made of boards with a slight gap between them. Hoofed animals are nervous about gaps between boards. Also, the boards could be slippery.

07.09.2020 13:31

Ann Hancock

My friend Sam Febba has alerted me to your blog. It’s beautiful and I would like to subscribe.

04.07.2020 17:13

Robert W Smith

Hello Katharin - Please see items below about addresses.

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Katharin Mason-Wolf

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Deborah Johnson

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Deborah Johnson

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23.02.2018 03:16

Mike Roys

Bob, our snowdrops (galanthus) are blooming now the snow is gone. Spring is getting closer!

28.07.2017 17:56

Chuck Pearson

Rocky Mountain Blazing Star is a great plant for attracting Monarch butterflies. They love the nectar.

04.07.2017 18:50

Nancy Grott

Thanks for all you do

14.06.2017 00:54

Kitty Madden

Robert, I love your work and would appreciate being on your list to receive a daily email foto. I am a good friend of Linda Easley and taught at Siena Heights college before moving to Nicaragua in '86

14.06.2017 01:11

Bob Smith

Will do. Kinda fun to have someone in Nicaragua watching.

14.02.2017 15:31

Diane A Florini

interesting news about the symbol nomenclature. In what database would you use the Po op symbol to search for the rose Pogonia?

02.02.2017 15:29

Jan Sobb

I know I'm very late in responding, but this is a great idea and educational. I would like to be included in your list. Thank you. Jan