Oct. 24, 2018

Pallas' wallflower, Erysimum pallasii

Here's another wonderful western mustard. Whatever it is. To me it's one of those amazing alpine tufted species I see on Mt. Evans. To botanists it seems to be a puzzle. There is much disagreement about this classification. These plants have gone by many names, bestowed by many botanists. If you can believe the citations, the most prominent mustard man doesn't agree with himself! Flora of North America and USDA both have settled for Erysimum capitatum, var. purshii. So who am I to disagree? Just a wildflower nut who's looking for an excuse to include another species in the collection. William Weber in Rocky Mountain Flora also went with E. pallasii, perhaps for much the same reason? This complicates the information about range. Authorities agree on AK, AB, BC, NT, NU, YT, GL, and arctic Eurasia. But the Colorado Rockies? That's up in the air. Mt. Evans National Park, Clear Creek Co CO, 6/18/13.