Apr. 14, 2019

alpine bulrush, Trichophorum alpinum

On a foray with THE sedge expert (and a lot of other stuff), Dr. Anton Reznicek. "Tony, what's this cotton grass?" He's always very nice in those moments. No, "That's not a cotton grass, dummy." Or, "That's not an aster, idiot." (That's right, this wasn't the first time.) He just quietly tells you what it is. I wonder if other people are smarter, and just say "What is this?" Or wait for him to tell us. Anyway, I'm going to get up in front of him at tomorrow's Michigan Botany Club meeting and do a presentation. What am I thinking? Alpine bulrush is a common tundra plant, extending south in bogs in AK, CT(S), ID, MA, ME, MI, MN, NT, NH, RI(X), VT, WI, throughout Canada, and on SPM. Mackinac Co MI, 7/11/14.