Apr. 28, 2019

stork's-bill, Erodium cicutarium

Stork's-bill is another little pink reward for keeping a weedy lawn. The flowers are about the same size as yesterday's fingernail, but more likely to come in bunches and patches. Couldn't stop myself from stopping when I saw this pink patch go by yesterday. Or from nibbling a little on the parsley flavor. These Eurasian stork's are called that because of the bill-like fruit, and can be found in every state except FL, every province except NF, NT, NU, and YT, and on GL. Lenawee Co MI, 4/27/19.


28.04.2019 17:14

Tim Lewis

I think it is important to note whether the plants you post are native or non-native. People who are new to native landscaping will not know otherwise.