May. 2, 2019

Pensylvania bittercress, Cardamine pensylvanica

Never volunteer? What a bad idea! There are so many good things to volunteer for. For example, there's the bunch that pulls weeds at Ives Fen Preserve (more info at their web site). You can spend Saturday mornings weeding the skunk cabbage patch. Then you might join them for an outing to the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea. Then the next thing you know you're grabbing a shot of Pennsylvania bittercress by that parking lot. Doing good things so often leads to other good things, even if it's not the most artful image. We always finish with a meal there, usually at the common grill. But as you see here, even the parking lot offers to feed us. All parts of this plant are edible. The root, ground up in vinegar, makes a passable horseradish sauce. This native grows in almost any situation, from swamps to lots, in every state except AZ and HI, in all provinces, and on SPM. Washtenaw Co MI, 3/29/12.