May. 6, 2019

greenstar sedge, Carex viridistellata

Goose Creek fen, now Goose Creek Nature Preserve, is in the Irish Hills a little northwest of here. Back in the 1980's, as part of the preservation effort, we did an inventory of the species growing there. Missed this one! But then, we wouldn't have known what we had in any case. Greenstar wasn't known to science until 2013. It is similar enough to Carex cryptolepis that they were lumped together until then. Discoveries like that are fun to learn about, and even more so that close to home. In this image, the white pistils in the bottom two spikes are still in business. The stamens in the top spike are spent. This timing enables cross pollination. This rare plant is now known from fens in southern Michigan and adjacent Indiana and Ohio. Goose Creek Preserve, 6/4/17.