Jun. 7, 2019

western bladderpod, Lesquerella ludoviciana

This bladderpod is mostly a western species. The isolated and apparently natural populations in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are far to the east. In Illinois this occurs in only one county, in Minnesota in what is now one city. How does this happen? It is purely guesswork on my part, but I wonder about Indians. Several closely related species were much used as medicine by western tribes. This one could have been brought east to treat the myriad ailments the others were used for. Or it could be the birds again. Or it could be these were part of a larger range that became fragmented over centuries. Oh well, don't take my first suggestion too seriously since any or all of these ideas and more could be involved. Western bladderpod is a plant of dry, open, often sandy or gravelly soil in AZ, CO, IA, IL(E), KS, MN(E), MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, SD, UT, WY, WI(T), AB, MB, and SK. Sedgwick Co CO, 6/16/13.