Jul. 2, 2019

twisted trillium, Trillium stamineum

Twisted trillium? That's not the name you will most often hear for this one. Perhaps it would be Blue Ridge trillium, at USDA and other sources. A nice moniker. Better if it actually occurred in the Blue Ridge. Perhaps because of that, some people where it actually does grow have a different name. A very different name. What do we think about airplane propeller trillium? That's one of the more unexpected plant names! So, how about twisted? It does look like it's gone just a little berserk. And those three narrow little petals do twist, often more than you see here. Whatever you call it, it grows in woods along the Alabama-Mississippi border and north from there into Tennessee. Photographed in the garden of Roberta and Fred Case, Saginaw Co MI, 5/8/81.