Aug. 1, 2019

false pimpernel, Lindernia dubia

Family problems? Consider this poor waif. Over the years false pimpernel has been kicked out of the family by both the figworts and the plantains. Finally, it is its own family, Linderniaceae, and has itself adopted a dozen other genera to keep it company. This little annual does fit the role of a waif. Plants typically are less than a foot tall, the flowers are not much more than a quarter inch. It's shy, hiding in ditches, floodplains and other damp spots among larger plants. Ever see this one? You've pretty much all had the chance. False pimpernel grows in every state AK, HI, MT, UT, and WY, and in BC, NB, NS, ON, and QC(L). False pimpernel occurs south to Chile, and has now been introduced on other continents. Lenawee Co MI, 8/7/11.