Aug. 25, 2019

Brainerd's hawthorn, Crataegus brainerdii

Yesterday I was chilling, watching the slide show and listening to Debussy. When that piece ended, they went to another very pretty piece I did not recognize. A little like finding a pretty hawthorn. Very nice, but which one? Figuring that out is a bit harder than clicking a couple times and finding out about Satie's Gnossiennes. Hawthorn's are wonderful puzzles, often with no solution. Brainerd's is the best I can do with this one, even if it does only have about ten stamens instead of twenty. There is such a variety. Or I can make something up, like Satie? He created both that music and the name 'Gnossiennes". Maybe this should be Headland's hawthorn. If this is Brainerd's, FDA says it grows in CT, MA, ME, MI, NC, NH, NY, OH(X), PA, VA, VT, NB, NS, ON, and QC. FNA would find it only in MA, ME, MI, NH, NY, VT, WI, ON, and QC. Headlands Park, Emmet Co MI, 5/25/12.