Sep. 30, 2019

eared goldenrod, Solidago auriculata

A far cry from a closeup. Eared goldenrod was another of those across-the-ditch flowers in Florida. This time, my rationalization for not wading in was driving someones else's car, and not wanting to make too much of a mess. Anyway, when an image comes up, it's nice to be confident of the ID. This one never seemed quite right. The Flora of North America key led me to one that didn't seem to quite fit. This time, with a more careful reading, I realized I was on the wrong page. There's a typo in their key! When you get to page 134 instead of page 130, this gets to be eared goldenrod - ears because of the leaf lobes that clasp the stem. Eared goldenrod mostly grows in woods in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, OK, SC, TN, and TX. Polk Co FL, 10/20/15.