Jan. 7, 2020

white thoroughwort, Eupatorium album

Apologies to the arachnophobes and pollinators. Finding something like this in an image is just fun. Finding out how good its camo is adds to the moment. I didn't discover the spider until days later, when I finally got home and saw him on the computer screen. I guess I wasn't what it was looking for there, waiting in ambush for equally unsuspecting pollinators. White throughwort grows in openings in AL, AR, CT(E), DE, FL, GA, IN(E), KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH(T), PA(X), SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV. Don't know about the spider range. Wakulla Co FL, 7/8/18. Aster family, Asteraceae.