Jan. 11, 2020

asparagus, Asparagus officinalis

When we were kids, Mom used to fix canned asparagus. My sister and I would set up a card table covered by a blanket. We got under to try to block the smell, and maybe to make a point. Didn't work. Fortunately she didn't try to make us eat it. Then in 1962, Euell Gibbons published Stalking the Wild Asparagus. I got a copy. Fun read. Then in 1972 or so, walking down a trail, I spotted a fresh shoot. I wasn't as hungry as the young Euell, but I figured what the heck. Wow! Been eating my veggies ever since. Apparently enough of us agree with Euell that asparagus can now be found fresh in every state and province except AK, HI, NT, NU and YT, and on SPM. Lenawee Co MI, 6/13/18. Asparagus family, Asparagaceae.