Feb. 28, 2020

bigflower cinquefoil, Drymocallis fissa

When is a cinquefoil not a cinquefoil? When the gene counters have analyzed it, and found out that its genome doesn't fit with the rest of the genus Potentilla. But if you can't parse the genes, the principal difference seems to be the anthers. These open along one side, instead of along the top. Big difference! These can be relatively robust plants for cinquefoils, which is probably why they are called big. The flowers aren't much different from a lot of other cinquefoils. It's also probably worth mentioning that this has pinnate leaves, unlike the majority of cinqefoils. Bigflower grows in CO, ID, MT, NM, OR, SD, UT, WY, and AB. Jefferson Co CO, 6/16/13. Rose family, Rosaceae.