May. 31, 2020

hairy waterleaf, Hydrophyllum macrophyllum

These slightly off-color flowers are about two thirds of an inch across. They're not very attractive to the human eye. We've talked of Dangerfield plants before, and this certainly seems to fit. It doesn't seem to show up in any references except for brief descriptions. The whole plant is hairy and sometimes purplish.
Just not very pleasing to the human eye. But like Rodney, it puts itself out there anyway, and somehow makes it work. Hairy waterleaf blooms a little later than its relatives in AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, MS, NC, MD(T), OH, PA(E), TN, VA, and WV. Chateau Nivale Preserve, Adams Co OH, 5/27/20. Borage family, Boraginaceae.