Jul. 17, 2020

striped wintergreen, Chimaphila maculata

One of the targets for this flower trek to south Ohio was striped wintergreen. I knew just where to find it in Wilderness Preserve, but not just when to find it. This was the best of the faded flowers. Fortunately the leaves keep things interesting. The Cherokee and Nanticoke used this to treat a wide range of ailments. Remember for pioneers and Indians, easily recognized meant often used, panacea or not. Spotted or striped wintergreen grows in mostly acid soils, often with oaks, in AL, AZ, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL(E), IN, KY, MA, MD, ME(E), MI, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY(V), OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV, ON(E), and QC(E). Adams Co OH, 7/8/20. Heath family, Ericaceae.