Oct. 15, 2020

elegant clarkia, Clarkia unguiculata

Plants in this genus are pollinated by specialized bees. Twelve species have also developed the ability to self-pollinate. This appears to be a response to habitats that limit access to pollinators. This can happen with plants growing in isolated locations, or plants growing at the edge of the range of their pollinators. Many plants have developed strategies to limit self-pollination. For instance, many have anthers and stigmas that are active at different times. Clarkia has adapted in the opposite direction. This is also a handy feature for gardeners who would like the plants to reproduce in places where those specialized pollinators don't occur. Elegant clarkia grows in woodlands in the southern two thirds of CA. My garden, 6/26/16. Willowherb family, Onagraceae.