Nov. 11, 2020

narrowleaf spiraea, Spiraea salicifolia

Meadowsweet?  Or meadsweet, bridewort, dolloff, Queen of the meadow, or lady of the meadow.  There were no doubt other names, not to mention other names in other languages.  Go back far enough and this might be ulmaria.  We've talked about confusion of scientiic names because of difficult communication in the past.  Common name confusion in different regions and cultures are the reason for the attempt to have unique scientific names.  Reducing confusion is admirable.  But what have we lost when we no longer have meadsweet or bridewort?  Narrowleaf sure seems unimaginative!  This species has been introduced in GA, KY, MI, MS, NC, VA, VT, and ON.  Lenawee Co MI, 6/15/12.  Rose family, Rosaceae.