Nov. 28, 2020

gooseneck loosestrife, Lysimachia clethroides

Wild or not, gooseneck loosestrife is sort of the opposite extreme from yesterday's maiden pink question.  Maiden pink is long established and has been found in lots of places around the country.  Gooseneck has been reported once from Michigan.  That patch was not far from a garden planting.  So wild or not?  It was certainly not intentionally planted in that exact place, unlike yesterday's offering.  But it only persisted only a few years.  And it didn't get far.  So why include it among Michigan's or Lenawee County's plants?  Information!  Next time someone finds some, they can identify it and evaluate its status without starting from scratch.  And now I've got an excuse for including it here, mostly because it's pretty.  So far gooseneck loosestrife has been reported from CT, IA, IL, KE, ME, MI, NC, NY, PA, TN, WI, and QC.  Beal Gardens, MSU, 7/27/11.  Myrsine family, Myrsinaceae (which some now include in the primrose family, Primulaceae).