Dec. 1, 2020

clammy-weed, Polanisia dodecandra

The Isleta people included clammy-weed among their smokes.  The Pueblo actually ate it as a vegetable.  And the Zuni used it more appropriately as a ceremonial switch.  They're stronger than I!  I hate to touch it, and can't imagine letting it anywhere near my taste buds.  This is an exceedingly unpleasant plant, both in aroma and texture.  But the flowers are not unattractive, particularly with those long spiderflower-style stamens and red pistils in the center.  Clammy-weed grows in every state except AK, FL, HI, ME, MS, and SC, and in AB, MB, ON, QC(L), and SK(T).  It is of special concern in CT and endangered in MD.  Lincoln Co NE, 6/15/13.  Spiderflower family, Cleomaceae.