Dec. 5, 2020

white leadtree, Leucaena leucophala

Leadtree has been called a miracle. It does seem like you could repeat much of the lore cited for the rest of the plants on this site, and not be wrong. This Central American native is now grown throughout the tropical world for human and animal food, for wood, and for biomass products. Isn't it great!? Maybe not. As fodder, if horses and donkeys get ahold of it, they go bald. It's invasive enough that it forms large monotypic stands that destroy native vegetation. Chemicals it produces are so effective at killing other plants it is being investigated as a natural herbicide.
Leadtree now covers at least 8% of the Mariana Islands. With us it can be seen in AZ, CA, FL, and TX. Monroe Co FL, 3/21/16. Bean family, Fabaceae.