Jan. 16, 2021

poverty oatgrass, Danthonia spicata

This is an embarrassment! When an image is selected for posting, I check the identification. Grasses in particular. I struggle with grass ID, maybe because I'm allergic to them. This was originally identified as D. compressa. But I now know it was hundreds of miles out of range for that species, or any other Danthonia except D. spicata. So here you have poverty oatgrass. And now I have to let Michigan Flora know the main illustration for D. compressa is wrong. Embarrassing. This does have kind of interesting flowers. Poverty oatgrass grows most often in impoverished soils like sand and rock, in every state and province except CA, HI, NV, and UT, and on GL and SPM. Wayne CO MI, 6/20/14. Grass family, Poaceae.