Feb. 15, 2021

youth on age, Tolmiea menziesii

Youth on age? What an unusual moniker! For an unusual plant, that's got all bets covered. It reproduces from its roots, stems and flowers. The flowers work pretty much in the usual way to produce seed. The roots spread, and the plants can be and are grown from them. The leaf nodes on the stems produce viable bulblets. It's those last that have us bringing these plants into our houses and gardens. Now that I know all this, I've looked up how to get some this spring. Good strategy, youth on age comes to Lenawee! This is native to our west coast where the Makah people ate the young shoots, and the Cowlitz applied a poultice of fresh leaves to skin infections. Youth on age, or mother of thousands lives shady places in AK, CA, OR, WA, and BC. Beal Gardens, MSU, 5/27/14. Stonebreak family, Daxifragaceae.