Mar. 2, 2021

papyrus, Cyperus papyrus

What a roll papyrus has played in history! Yeah, I know, but I just scrolled through those words and couldn't resist. Even now historians get excited by new discoveries of papyrus, rolled up in scrolls. I wish they would find one that tells us who invented paprus paper. It's quite a process involving removing strips of the pith from the stems, drying it, weaving into mats, and treating and pressing and pounding and gluing and so on. Such a pivotal achievement! We probably need to credit one or more Egyptians with the invention. And now, because of hydrological changes to the Nile River, papyrus is endangered in its native habitat. Not to fear. It has a new role as a water garden plant. It is now an escaped introduction around the warm parts of the world, including CA, FL, HI, and LA. Matthaei Gardens, U. of Michigan, 2/1/16. Sedge family, Cyperaceae.