Mar. 23, 2021

marsh ladies'-tresses, Spiranthes odorata

Marsh ladies'-tresses is from a little south of here. At this moment that means we may very well never know if this is really Spiranthes odorata. The genus recently experienced a revision. Old species are to some degree new species. Here in Michigan our specimens are currently being re-examined, and we may soon know which new names apply. But for an old image like this there will be a niggling doubt. All part of the fun! If we solved every puzzle they wouldn't much of a challenge. Marsh ladies'tresses grows in AL, AR, FL, GA, KY(E), LA, MD(X), MS, NC, NJ, NY, OK, SC, TN(E), TX, and VA. Matthaei Gardens, UM, 10/19/16. Orchid family, Orchidaceae.