Apr. 10, 2021

bulbous bluegrass, Poa bulbosa

This grass has converted all its flowers to bulbs. A reproductive accident, or an effective strategy? The advantage might be that the bulbils get a head start, with well grown leaves before they fall from the parent. There is a variety that still has flowers that I have not seen. Bulbous bluegrass is sometimes planted as fodder, and does provide a little extra nutrition. This patch grows in Winston's pasture. Yes, I know he's canine, but it doesn't always seem like he does. Bulbous bluegrass grows in every state except AL, FL, HI, MS, NH, RI, and SC. It is in Canada, particularly BC and ON, but the complete Canadian range is not clear to me. Lenawee Co MI, 5/20/14. Grass family, Poaceae.