May. 16, 2021

northern oak fern, Gymnocarpium robertianum

This has been called northern, scented, or limestone oak fern, all of which are appropriate. But from my point of view, Robert's oak fern would be good. The other day we looked at another oak fern that originated as a hybrid, and became wildly successful. Many hybrids occur among plants. This species has produced at least two. One of those was known only from one county in Pennsylvania, and is now apparently exptirpated. The other is known only from Sweden. Mom Nature keeps trying new ways. Most struggle or fail. Robert's oak fern grows in AK, IA, IL, MI, MN, WI, MB, NB, NF, ON, QC, and in Europe and the Caucasus. Montmorency Co MI, 5/26/12. Fragile fern family, Cystopteraceae.