May. 26, 2021

hoary willow-herb, Epilobium parviflorum

Hoary willow-herb, a. k a. smallflower hairy willow-herb is an European immigrant. Traditionally, it was used by herbalists to treat problems of the kidneys, prostate and urinary tract. We now know it reduce the growth of prostate cells. That use may explain its presence here, or perhaps its just an accident. Should you be inclined, eBay will be glad to sell you some extract, only $17.45! Hairy willow-herb is closely related, but has much larger flowers early in the season. As the season progresses, hairy's flowers become progressively smaller, until they look just like this. Hairy's slightly wider leaves clasp the stem, while these do not. Hoary willow-herb has now been reported from MI, OH, PA, BC, and ON. Beal Gardens, MSU, 6/28/19. Evening-primrose family, Onagraceae.