May. 28, 2021

small daylily, Hemerocallis minor

With us, small daylily grows wild only in local areas in Oregon. Sometimes when my random selection comes up with such unusual introduced species, I wonder if they should be included. But minor notes or major, they're all part of our wildflower symphony now. More or less, anyway. Daylilies have somewhere between 15 and 30 species, depending on how you think they should be classified. They've been cultivated and messed with for so many centuries, it's hard to tell what's natural, and where the lines should be drawn. But this species seems to be well accepted. The buds and flowers of all species can be eaten, although I did hear once of someone being poisoned by some that had grown in contaminated soil. Beal Gardens, MSU, 5/26/17. Daylily family, Hemerocallidaceae. But that gets tricky too! It may be a family of 13-18 genera, or maybe just Hemerocallis.