Jun. 14, 2021

Rocky Mountain sweetpea, Lathyrus leucanthus

There's a poem called "Waiting for the Barbarians". Why does this sweet pea remind me of that, or maybe Godot? The poem ends in disappointment because the barbarians don't show up. At least they would have been some kind of solution! I'm waiting for the Flora of North America to publish the volume about the pea family. Until then we have chaos when we try to identify this pea. It could be L. lanszwertii or L. laetivirens. And why Godot? Because one of the guys at FNA told me they probably won't finish their work in my lifetime. Until FNA, we will go with Weber and Wittmann's version. Of course they say that this does "not clarify the species problem". Summit Co CO, 6/17/13. Pea family, Fabaceae.