Jun. 16, 2021

Oak Ridge lupine, Lupinus diffusus

Oak Ridge is also called blue sandhill lupine. It is restricted to sandy soil. Note the silvery stems. The leaves are just like that. The silvery foliage and blue flowers are a terrific presentation for this plant. I noted in my reading that this is a larval host for frosted elfin butterflies, and that they are endangered in Florida, where I took this shot. Turns out they are threatened here in Michigan. Looking at their picture was very interesting. A couple of days ago I stopped at our Heritage Park. As I drove up to the parking I could see swarming flying bugs. Cicadas? No, butterflies, and a kind I didn't remember seeing before. Now that I've looked up these elfins, I wonder. So back out there today to check! Unfortunately, I won't see any of these lupines that grow in AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, and SC. Polk Co FL, 3/17/16. Pea family, Fabaceae.