Jun. 25, 2021

beargrass, Nolina microcarpa

Beargrass is a plant of our arid southwest. Aren't the plants of that region fascinating? We have to be glad they are, otherwise many of us wouldn't get to see them. Almost every conservatory you visit will have a desert room full of plants from that region. So, here's beargrass, although you might also see this well north of its wild habitat. It has become popular in dry gardens. These small white flowers appear in large bunches on stalks that can be head high. Beargrass or sacahuista is poisonous to many animals, but not to humans. The stalks, fruit and seeds were used for food by Indians. The long thin but tough leaves are good for weaving and thatching. Beargrass grows in AZ, NM, and UT. Matthaei Gardens, UM, 6/17/14. Agave family, Agavaceae.