Jun. 29, 2021

Louisiana wakerobin, Trillium ludovicianum

Does Louisiana trillium look a lot like other sessile trilliums we've seen? To quote Fred and Boots, "Anyone reading the pioneering taxonomic works on Trillium by Gleason (1906), Gates (1917), Freeman (1975), and others soon realizes how superficially similar most of the sessile trilliums can be, and will quickly understand why there has been so much written that is confusing or incorrect." Fred and Roberta (Boots) Case wrote Trilliums (1997), a wonderfully thorough treatment of the genus. They would be delighted with the increase in understanding of Trilliums that has developed in the 24 years since. As many as five new species have been described. Most of the images here come from the Case garden, or from John Lonsdale's Edgewood Garden. With their generous help, perhaps I have not been too confused or incorrect. Louisiana wakerobin grows in LA and MS. Edgewood Garden, 4/21/21. Trillium family, Trilliaceae.