Jul. 7, 2021

slenderleaf sundew, Drosera linearis

Linear-leaf or slenderleaf sundew is a little thing, maybe a couple of inches tall. The flowers are about a quarter inch across. If you look close, you can see the hollowed out remains of one of this plant's meal still stuck to the leaf to the right. Why are the insectivores so fascinating? What does it say about us? Are we just fascinated by creepy scary stuff? Do we just like to imagine the giant Audrey dining on Seymour's besetters? Or is it that these plants provoke our curiosity, expand the our limits of understanding. Is it the botanical version of boldly taking us where we've not gone before? In any case slender-leaved sundew is a plant of damp basic, usually calcareous habitats in ME, MI, MN, MT, WI, AB, MB, NF, NT, ON, QC, and SK. Mackinac Co MI, 6/19/21. Sundew family, Droseraceae.