Jul. 13, 2021

Tennessee trillium, Trillium tennesseense

Tennessee trillium was first discovered in 2013. It is known only from two counties in eastern Tennessee, on the slopes of Bays Mountain. How can it be that new species are still being discovered. We've talked about how plant blind people have become, compared to the good old days. And certainly in the fullness of time, these sorts of things should have come to light? But now there are so many more of us, and the flow of information is incomparably greater. A new property owner can find a trillium practically in his yard, and easily get in touch with an expert at the University, and send pictures. The expert can hop in his non-horse-driven chariot and be there in no time. Discovery verified! Although of course it's not quite that simple. Specimens need to be studied, genomes compared, and things aren't official until a peer reviewed item is properly published. This Tennessee trillium was shot in Edgewood Garden on 4/21/21. Trillium family, Trilliaceae.