Sep. 12, 2021

common hops, Humulus lupulus

Hops are native to temperate regions of North America and Eurasia. They are in the same family as marijuana, and evolved from that species around 20 million years ago. Hops have been widely used as medicine to alleviate many symptoms. For example, the Meskwaki used it for insomnia, while the Cherokee used it to induce sleep? The fruit was most often used, but leaves and flowers were also involved. Sometimes the fruit were ground to use in bread. In Europe of course different uses were found, and continue to this day. Hops have become a much more pernicious drug than their ancestral hemp relative! In North America hops are found in every state except AK, FL, HI, and MS, and every province except LB, NT, NU, and YT. Champaign Co OH, 8/19/11. Hemp family, Cannabinaceae.