Sep. 22, 2021

slenderstalk beeblossom, Oenothera filipes

Beeblossoms are now Oenothera. Until recently they were separated in the genus Gaura. Things keep changing! But now we will have a new source of information about all that. Volume 10 of Flora of North America is published. It includes this family. Decades ago, FNA and I started a race. I was at their office and one of the staff said that the series would probably not be complete in my lifetime. With the publication of Volume 10, they are still six of thirty volumes behind. Who will get done first? Doesn't matter! The point is to stop and smell the beeblossoms along the way. Or of course, take pictures. This one was on a Florida roadside. Slenderstalk beeblossoms grow in AL, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MS, SC, and TN. Okeechobee Co, FL, 3/19/16. Evening-primrose family, Onagraceae.