Dec. 13, 2021

wood hyacinth, Hyacinthoides hispanica

Have these wood hyacinths been naturalized? They're planted in a shaded area among a variety of native and non-native plants. A little chaotic, but still a garden. If you look up naturalized garden you will find that it means gardening with native plants. Then you look down a little farther and find an item about naturalizing bulbs, illustrated with tulips. So I guess if you want it also means introducing non-native species into a natural looking place. But then what happens? Those plants decide you've got a grand idea, and start doing it on their own? That's happened with wood hyacinths. They've been reported from geniunely wild places in CT, NY, VA, WA, WV, BC, and ON. Cultivated, Lenawee Co MI, 5/19/16. Hyacinth family, Hyacinthoides.