Dec. 24, 2021

yellow alder, Turnera ulmifolia

This one really likes the common name game. Sometimes it's yellow alder. At others, ramgoat dashalong. A threat? A promise? Just a descriptor? Other choices include yellow buttercups, sage rose, cinnamon buttercup, yellow elder, buttercup bush, Turnera buttercup, and West Indian holly. So why ramgoat dashalong? A related species has a widespread rep as an aphrodisiac. This species reputedly has a similar effect for male goats. These plants have had numerous medicinal uses. So many that one site questions its effectiveness for anything. But it turns out it can stimulate antibiotic activity. You might want to lock up your goats anywhere from FL to South America, or even Bermuda, or where it is introduced in HI. And now these are cultivated as ornamentals as far away as India. Monroe Co FL, 1/26/13. Turnera family, Turneraceae.