Jan. 9, 2022

aloe vera, Aloe vera

Admittedly, you're a lot more likely to see aloe vera growing on your window sill than in the wild. Or you might find some of it elsewhere in your house, in a jar right by the invermectin. Oh, you wouldn't do that? There might not be as much difference as you think. There is no clinical evidence that aloe helps with burns or other skin problems. There are probably very few of us who don't use something for some health problem that we take based on faith, hope, and the advice of a friend. As I write this I'm sipping another Pepsi partly because it seems like it sooths my innards. It has occurred to me that there isn't as much difference between me and the invermectin users as I would hope. To see aloe vera in the wild, you would need to be in FL, HI, or TX. Matthaei Gardens, U of Mich, 2/1/16. Agave family, Agavaceae.