Jan. 18, 2022

checkered rattlesnake plantain, Goodyera tesselata

Rattlesnake plantains have flowers that don't get much more than an eighth of an inch long. But those leaves! (For those see the blog page) The leaves are patterned with light green or white, and are very eye catching. This one has the referenced checkered design. The leaf colors probably explain their use by Native Americans as a medicine for a variety of ailments. Being easy to spot is one of the primary reasons plants are used medicinally. Checkered rattlesnake plantain grows in mostly conifer or oak woods in CT, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WI, NB, NF, NS, ON, PE, and QC. Chippewa Co MI, 7/16/22. Orchid family, Orchidaceae.