Jan. 20, 2022

pineland goldenaster, Chrysopsis latisquamea

Bradburia, Chrysopsis, Heterotheca and Pityopsis, the golden asters. A beautiful tribe of wonderful puzzles. At one time or another most of them have shared their generic names with each other. Even in this age of chromosome analysis and super computers, I wouldn't bet that they've settled down. John Semple in FNA has done a heroic job of sorting through literature and specimens to come up with a sensible solution. His Chrysopsis are the ones with "flagelliform hairs with bases of large cells". Of his eleven species of Chrysopsis, all are in Florida, with only two venturing a little bit across borders. Pineland goldenaster is one of the endemics, mostly in northern Florida. Putnam Co FL, 1/28/13. Aster family, Asteraceae.