Jan. 23, 2022

whorled tickseed, Coreopsis verticillata

Sizzle and Spice! Citrine, Creme Brulee (yum), Full Moon, Alba, Grandiflora, Golden Gain, Moonbeam, Berry Chiffon, Big Bang, Li'l Bang, Zesty Zinger, Zagreb (where from?). They're some of the cultivated varieties of whorled or threadleaf tickseed we might see in our garden. Want to bet we might see some of those wild? These days it may be hard to tell how natural this native might be if it's made it full circle from the wilds to gardens and back again. Native to the southeast, it has been spreading in other areas. Whorled coreopsis has been reported from AL, AR, CT, FL, GA, KY, MA, MD, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH, SC, TN, VA, WV, ON, and QC. Cultivated, Lenawee Co MI, 7/17/13. Aster family, Asteraceae.