Jan. 31, 2022

Common duckweed, Lemna minor

Pond scum! When we see an area of still water covered with green, most of us think pond scum. Actually, if you Google pond scum, you will learn that is algae. Duckweed is a vascular plant - one of the smallest. It can get to all of 8 mm. across, with an occasional flower on the underside that will be about one millimeter. These are the tops, so no flowers. I just felt like we couldn't ignore duckweed forever. It's useful at removing pollutants, particularly metals like lead. It can be processed for animal feed, but then you need to be sure there was no pollution. USDA says duckweed grows in every state except SC. FNA has it more restricted, with only isolated occurences in the middle of the country. It is also in AB, MB, ON, QC, SK, and maybe on SPM. Lenawee Co MI, 8/15/11. Arum family, Araceae.