Feb. 28, 2022

Feay's prairieclover, Dalea feayi

Feay's prairieclover is an interesting little shrub. Most prairieclovers have densely columnar flower heads that earn the clover name. These loosely-flowered globular heads are very different. Yesterday I remarked on the dearth of information about that plant. Today it's William Feay that isn't getting much attention. He was an American botanist (1803-1879), but I haven't seen anything else about him. Three Florida species memorialize him; Florida milkweed, Feay's palafox, and this prairieclover. One might infer he worked in Florida. Feay's prairieclover would be endemic to Florida but for two sites in a Georgia county. Polk CO FL, 10/21/15. Bean family, Fabaceae.