May. 13, 2022

Louisiana iris, Iris x vinicolor

Vinicolor indeed! Louisiana iris are a group of related southern iris that have been a particular focus of botanists and horticulturists. The group more or less includes Iris fulva, I. giganticaerulea, I. hexagona, I. brevicaulis, and I. nelsonii. Even after all the years of attention, the status of a couple of these is still debated, particularly since they produce hybrids. Iris x vinicolor is from I. fulva and I. giganticaerulea. It is understandibly popular among gardeners, to the point that they have now escaped cultivation to a marsh here in Michigan. If not for that and other potential escape, the range of this hybrid would be restricted to the small area of Louisiana where the giant blue parent grows. This one was at Palmetto State Park in Vermillion Parish, LA, 4/15/22. Iris family, Iridaceae.