Jun. 27, 2022

large buttercup, Ranunculus macranthus

Eleven petals? Sometimes large buttercups can even have more, up to 22. That's a thing with buttercups, They are considered relatively primitive plants that are still working on finding what works best. Even within their family they lag a bit. Nothing fancy like columbines or larkspurs, Just some number and size of petals, and not much variety in color. What you don't see, but pollinators do, are the striking starry centers in ultraviolet. These petals are around three-quarters of an inch, making this one of the larger efforts in the genus. FNA says these grow in damp spots in TX. USDA also has them in AZ and NM. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Travis Co TX, 4/17/22. Buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.