Jul. 8, 2022

Heller's rosette grass, Dicanthelium oligosanthes

Heller's rosette seems to be the first choice for a common name for this grass. But the alternative fewanther obscuregrass is somehow appealing. One would guess the fewanther part is because of the miniscule size of the flower parts rather than any lack of anthers. In this image the anthers are the dried dark parts at the tips of the florets. Looks like they've done their work. The purple pistils seem to still be in business, hoping for pollen from another plant to waft by. But if all that fails, there are closed flowers that self-pollinate without opening. This species is also few-flowered panicgrass. This and related genera are often called panicgrass. The name comes from the panicles of flowers rather than from any alarm they might cause. Heller's grows in every state except AK, HI, and NV, and in AB, BC, MB, ON, and SK. Lenawee Co MI, 5/30/16. Grass family, Poaceae.