Jul. 31, 2022

Texas vervain, Verbena halei

One item refers to Texas vervain as a landscape weed. This native does seem to like being around humans. Or anywhere else in open dry areas. Like southeast Australia where it is now established. Texas vervain has been used in herbal remedies. For example, it is an ingredient in Texas Medicinals' Hot Texas Summer Nervine Elixir. Other ingredients include brandy and honey. And now I do kind of wonder what it would be like. We wouldn't have to endure a Texas summer to find out. We can get it on the Net for $25 plus shipping. Texas vervain grows in AL, AR, AZ, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, NC, NM, OM, SC, and TX. Travis Co TX, 4/17/22. Vervain family, Verbenaceae