Aug. 6, 2022

snowball sand verbena, Abronia fragrans

Snowball sand verbena is also known as fragrant sand verbena, prairie snowball, sweet sand verbena, wild lantana, or other combinations of those names. But here's a new suggestion, fragrant snowball. That makes sense to me since Abronia is not in the verbena family. It's a four-o'clock, and behaves like it. The flowers open in the evening and become fragrant at night. This particular opportunity was too early in the afternoon to catch fully open flowers, and there was no aroma at all. Snowball sand verbena grows in open, often sandy or rocky areas in AZ, CO, KS, MT, ND, NM, OK, TX, UT, WA, and WY. Cultivated, Washtenaw Co MI, 6/8/21. Four-o'clock family, Nyctaginaceae.